May 30, 2024

Aperture Proudly Launches Two New Neptune Systems Products to Elevate Aquarium Keeping

GOLDEN VALLEY, MN / Aperture Pet & Life, the integrated company for some of the largest brands in the aquatics industry, including Bulk Reef Supply, Neptune Systems, EcoTech Marine and AquaIllumination, is pleased to launch two new products from its flagship aquarium control and protection brand, Neptune Systems. 

For over 25 years Neptune Systems has engineered and manufactured industry leading solutions for monitoring, controlling and protecting ecosystems. Neptune Systems products are trusted by tens of thousands of private, retail and commercial aquarists to monitor, control and protect their thriving ecosystems. 

The first new product, DOS QD (QuietDrive), is replacing the current DOS 2-head dosing pump. Building upon the success of DOS, the DOS QD features significant performance improvements thanks to changes in pump operation and design with a focus on incorporating requests from customer feedback and experience. It also integrates EcoTech’s best in class QuietDrive technology. 

Key features:

  • Quiet Zone dosing. When operating below 7 gallons of daily dosing, the DOS QD is barely audible in a normal setting, operating at levels which are between 150-400% lower than its predecessor
  • 1.5 times quieter (4 dB) at slow speeds and over 4x quieter at high speeds (13 dB)
  • Speeds in the quiet zone (less than 38 dB) now offer continuous duty (vs. DOS)
  • 6 speed, 2 pump variable motors operating between 33-49 dB
  • Large Diameter tubing for multiple use cases:some text
    • Additive Dosing
    • Water Changes
    • Liquid Food Feeding
    • CaRx (up to 11.41 gal per day at continuous duty)
  • Works with Trident and Trident Controlled Dosing
  • Requires an A2 or A3 Series Apex

The QuietDrive technology used to drive the DOS QD comes from Neptune sister brand EcoTech Marine. EcoTech first integrated the innovative technology in the VorTech propellor pump lineup to reduce operating noise and improve efficiency. The incorporation of this technology in the DOS indicates a greatly beneficial consumer benefit that comes from a more closely integrated aquatics industry. 

”The DOS QD represents an important evolution of one of the most successful aquarium dosing pumps to better serve the modern aquarist.” said Justin Lawyer, VP of Aperture Labs and Co-Founder of EcoTech. “The DOS QD maintains what has made it successful for years and now leverages best in class, proprietary technology used in EcoTech products to deliver the same reliable and precise dosing, but quieter and with the ability to run continuously.”

Trident NP will join Neptune’s well known Trident automated testing system and will test for Nitrate and Phosphate levels in aquarium water. To Neptune’s existing customer base this represents one of the most requested new products. For the uninitiated, automated nitrate and phosphate testing will be an incredible new tool in monitoring and adjusting aquarium keeping behavior. Daily monitoring of nitrate and phosphate allows the aquarist to better address organics and waste in the aquarium. Unlike the dosing of reef building additives such as CA, Mg and Alkalinity which can be done quantitatively, nitrate and phosphate levels can be adjusted both with additives and neutralizers but also through a combination of behavioral adjustments including water changes and feeding. 

“The Trident NP will greatly enhance the ability for aquarists to monitor, understand and ultimately control levels of nitrates and phosphates in their aquariums.” said Allan Bazinet, Chief Technology Officer for Aperture “We’re proud today to be able to deliver upon one of the most difficult to create and most requested products from our customers.”

The Trident NP features:

  • Proven Trident design features proven hardware and software.
  • Fully integrates with Apex Fusion 
  • Automatically Tests (default) Nitrates and Phosphates once per day
  • Reagents are available  in a 2 month or 6 month packages 

Both products feature a new aesthetic with a dark grey housing while maintaining the signature orange accents known and loved by Neptune users. Both products are engineered and assembled in the USA. 

For more information or to purchase the DOS QD (QuietDrive) or Trident NP, retailers can reach out to their Aperture Sales Representative or visit the Aperture Business website. Aquarists can purchase both products at their favorite local or online retailer.