November 15, 2023

Aperture Proudly Announces Exclusive North American Distribution Partnership With Reef Factory

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn., November 15, 2023 ( - Aperture Pet & Life, the integrated company for some of the largest brands in the aquatics industry, including Bulk Reef Supply, Neptune Systems, EcoTech Marine and AquaIllumination, is pleased to announce its newest exclusive distribution partner, Poland-based Reef Factory.

Five years ago, Marek Protasewicz and Jarosław Wojczakowski, both reef-keeping enthusiasts, founded Reef Factory to develop modern and user-friendly smart devices for saltwater aquariums. They quickly grew their offering to include over 20 product categories with distribution in over 30 countries.

Reef Factory’s extensive offering of smart equipment ranges from monitoring and control to core equipment such as lights and pumps. In addition, Reef Factory also produces a range of consumable products including test kits, buffers and supplements, as well as ICP testing supported by their own ICP laboratory.  

“We are excited to partner with Reef Factory as their North American distributor for a truly innovative lineup of aquarium products,” said Jeff Martinson, Chief Operating Officer for Aperture. “Their expansive and impressive range of products are applicable to aquarists of all levels, and innovation will be helpful to our customers' success in their aquatics journey.”

Reef Factory products available from Aperture Distribution include:


  • Thermo view
  • Salinity Guardian
  • Level Keeper
  • pH Meter
  • TDS Meter
  • Thermo Control
  • Power Switcher
  • Base Pump
  • Smart Roller
  • Smart Feeded
  • Reef Flare
  • Reef Flare Bar
  • Dosing Pump, Dosing Pump X3, X4 and Pro, Pro X1, Pro X4, Large
  • Smart Tester
  • kH keeper
  • Level Sensor

Supplements & Additives:

  • KH Ca Mg Smart Components
  • RM PO4 Up, KH Up and NO3 Up
  • RM Magnesium, Calcium, Boron and Strontium
  • Additives including: Potassium, Bromine, Sulfur, Zinc, Fluorine, Cobalt, Nickel, Lithium, Iodine, Molybdenum, Manganese, Vanadium, Barium, Iron, Chromium, Rubidium


  • Smart ICP-OES 1 and 2
  • PO4 and NO3 Test Kits
  • Ca, Mg and KH Smart Test Kits

“Reef Factory’s success is a combination of hard work, knowledge and creativity,” said Marek Protasewicz, Co-Founder and CSO. “We are committed to creating value for both our customers and our partners. Our focus is on enhancing the customer experience, making them feel even more well-cared for and ensuring that technology plays an increasingly supportive role in saltwater aquariums.”                                                                  

For more information or to purchase Reef Factory products, retailers can reach out to their Aperture Sales Representative or visit the Aperture wholesale portal. Aquarists can purchase Adaptive Reef products at their favorite local fish store or online retailer.

About Reef Factory

Reef Factory, was born out of a passion for saltwater aquariums and technology. Circa 2017, Marek Protasewicz and Jarosław Wojczakowski, both reef-keeping enthusiasts, decided to found a company that would develop modern and user-friendly smart devices for saltwater aquariums. Since inception, Reef Factory has launched a larger product catalog covering over 20 product categories and has established distribution in over 30 countries worldwide. In addition to manufacturing smart devices, Reef Factory develops advanced aquarium control software and operates its own ICP laboratory.