June 14, 2023

Aperture Pet & Life Releases Revolutionary Technology for Aquarium Products to Work Seamlessly Together

Aperture Pet & Life, the integrated company for some of the largest brands in the aquatics industry, including Bulk Reef Supply, Neptune Systems, EcoTech Marine and AquaIllumination, is proud to announce the game-changing MXM Module. This groundbreaking product allows aquarium enthusiasts to seamlessly integrate AquaIllumination (AI), EcoTech Marine and Neptune Systems products, setting a new standard in control and automation.

Key Features and Benefits of the MXM Module:

Seamless Integration: The MXM Module effortlessly incorporates AI, EcoTech Marine and Neptune devices into any existing Neptune Apex ecosystem, providing a centralized control hub with single-app control.

Advanced Automation: Unleash your creativity and optimize aquarium performance with custom schedules, natural lighting simulations, synchronized lighting, water flow patterns and more.

Real-Time Programming and Control: Stay connected with instant access to control and information about lighting intensity, power consumption, flow rates and other crucial metrics for AI, EcoTech and Neptune products.

User-Friendly Interface: Control all your connected AI and EcoTech Marine devices with ease through the intuitive Neptune Apex Fusion app. Enjoy remote access via computer, smartphone or tablet for a seamless user experience.

Natalie Strahan, CEO of Aperture Pet & Life, expressed her excitement about the MXM Module. "The MXM Module represents a significant milestone for our brands and even more importantly, our commitment to providing aquarium enthusiasts with an easier, more powerful and flexible experience. We're thrilled to offer our community the ability to fully integrate AI, EcoTech and Neptune products into their aquarium."

For more information or to purchase MXM worldwide, retailers can reach out to their Aperture sales representative or visit the Aperture wholesale portal. Aquarists can purchase MXM at their favorite local fish store or online retailer.