Aperture’s Bulk Reef Supply Announces Mr. Chili Kids and the Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Aquarists

November 8, 2022

Tis the season of savings and great gifts, and Aperture Pet & Life’s online retailer Bulk Reef Supply is kicking off the holiday season with a holiday gift guide for aquarists of all levels to ensure those giving gifts get just what they want and need for thriving aquariums. This includes the launch of Mr. Chili Kids with marine-focused STEAM products, toys, games and much more that will help inspire the next generation of aquarists to love and conserve marine life.

The 2022 Holiday gift guide is now live at bulkreefsupply.com/holiday and includes:

“We really want to help aquarists and those buying them gifts with great products that would be ideal for both beginner and advanced aquarists,” said Melissa Ortiz, Vice President of Merchandising Operations at Aperture, “And with many of our customers wanting to share the joy of this hobby with the kids in their lives, we launched Mr. Chili Kids to help younger people enjoy and learn to appreciate marine life as much as we do.”

For more information, visit bulkreefsupply.com/holiday, your favorite local fish store or online retailer for many of these great gifts.

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