Aperture Expands Exclusive North American Distribution Portfolio with Focustronic

December 5, 2022

Aperture Pet & Life is proud to announce that it will be the exclusive US and Canadian distribution partner for Focustronic, manufacturer of Aquarium equipment, controllers and accessories.

Founded by Eric Tang in 2016, Focustronic started with a dynamic LED light for the hospitality market and quickly applied that concept to the reefing industry. Six years later, Focustronic has expanded their portfolio of products becoming a top choice for aquarists for their alkalinity controller, Alkatronic, due to its high level of accuracy and consistency and their smart dosing station, Dosetronic.  

“At Focustronic, we are very excited for this new exclusive distribution partnership as we are committed to improve our presence and stock availability in the North American market which has been a struggle in the past.” said Eric Tang, Founder of Focustronic. “With the current range of products and new products to come in 2023, reefers can make use of our auto testing machines such as Alkatronic and Mastertronic to setup simple yet effective automation features via Dosetronic, Solartronic, Powertronic and the upcoming Filtertronic.  We expect to work closely with Aperture to further develop and expand newer automation applications for the reefing industry.” 

Focustronic products available from Aperture Distribution include:

  • Focustronic Mastertronic Automated Water Tester, a standalone machine with the ability to accurately measure Nitrates, Phosphates, Magnesium, Calcium, Alkalinity, and organic matter in aquariums
  • Focustronic Alkatronic Controller, an all-in-one standalone product designed to monitor and stabilize alkalinity levels in reef aquariums  
  • Focustronic Dosetronic, a smart doser which features 5 independent dosing channels with high-precision stepper motors for enhanced control over your reef aquarium water chemistry


Additionally, Aperture will be the exclusive distributor for two products never before sold in North America:

  • Focustronic Powertronic, a smart powerbar on its own and has 3 modes for each socket
  • Focustronic Filtertronic, a smart fleece roller filter that not only cleans the water but also helps to control the right balance of nutrients in a reef system
  • Focustronic Dosetronic DC, a smart economically priced doser which features 5 independent dosing channels with high-precision DC motors for enhanced control over your reef aquarium water chemistry

“We’re excited to expand our relationship with Focustronic to bring their innovative aquatics products to more aquarists in North America,” said Jeff Martinson, Chief Operating Officer of Aperture. “The growing family of Focustronic products represent quality, reliability and consistency, highly valued by our customers.“ 

For more information or to purchase Focustronic products, retailers can reach out to their Aperture sales representative or visit the Aperture wholesale portal. Aquarists can purchase Focustronic products at their favorite local fish store or online retailer.

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