Aperture Announces Aperture Circle to Support Ecosystem Conservation

November 29, 2022

Proudly Partnering with the Florida Aquarium for Giving Tuesday

- Aperture Pet & Life, the integrated company for some of the largest brands in the aquatics industry, including Bulk Reef Supply, Neptune Systems, EcoTech Marine, AquaIllumination and Leap Habitats, which creates reptile and amphibian-centric habitats, is pleased to announce Aperture Circle. This initiative is committed to the sustainability and conservation of marine and wildlife ecosystems.

Aperture Circle will partner with research institutions, foundations, charities, and other organizations that are aligned with Aperture's mission of "enriching lives through thriving ecosystems." These include educational groups that help the next generation learn to conserve and love marine life and organizations dedicated to preserving and restoring fragile ecosystems, including barrier reefs, all around the world.

"Aperture employees and brands have a long and rich tradition of contributing to research and education, particularly as it relates to coral and reefs, and they continue to show great passion for being a part of the solution," said Natalie Strahan, CEO of Aperture. "The creation of Aperture Circle allows us to build on that legacy and expand our support more widely through unique programs that invite our customers, partners, and friends to support these great organizations as well. We are proud to have The Florida Aquarium as Aperture Circle's first partner. Their extraordinary dedication and work to address the coral crisis will have a positive impact on our ocean's fragile ecosystems for generations to come."

Coral scientists at The Florida Aquarium have worked tirelessly to address the coral crisis by focusing on protecting species that are approaching or are at risk of extinction in the wild, increasing coral reproduction rates, and advancing coral health. They have made coral sexual reproduction history many times with their work which has been vital to the restoration of the 3rd largest barrier reef in the world, the Florida Reef Tract. "EcoTech Marine's products are an integral part of our aquarium-based coral reproduction work," said Keri O'Neil, Senior Scientist at The Florida Aquarium. "We are looking forward to working together to advance coral conservation."

Starting on Giving Tuesday, Nov. 29, and ending on Dec. 31, Aperture will make a dollar-by-dollar match to The Florida Aquarium up to $10,000 for donations made on this special donation website. "We're proud to be Aperture Circle's inaugural partner. We have worked with EcoTech Marine, a member of the Aperture family, in the past and we are excited to expand this relationship in a more official capacity," said Toni Wofford, Senior Director of Philanthropy at The Florida Aquarium. Aperture will share the call to action to support The Florida Aquarium through its direct-to-consumer business, Bulk Reef Supply, and connecting with customers of Neptune Systems, Ecotech Marine, Aquaillumination, and Leap Habitats.

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