New company announced to enable the vision of a growing suite of brands committed to improving people's lives through successful care of ecosystems and pet habitats

April 18, 2022

Aperture was announced today as the new, integrated company for some of the largest and most reputable brands in the aquatics and now herpetology industries, who strive to make creating and maintaining ecosystems easy and successful. Those brands include:

Bulk Reef Supply: For over 15 years, Bulk Reef Supply has been the industry’s leading online marketplace for saltwater and reefing aquariums with over 3,000 products from 150 partners. Bulk Reef Supply is a premier resource for reefers around the world through one of the largest YouTube presences in the entire pet industry with nearly 400,000 subscribers and 110 million video views.

Neptune Systems: For over 25 years, Neptune Systems has been at the forefront of creating some of the most trusted technology for controlling and monitoring aquariums. Giving unparalleled visibility, early detection and real-time solutions, Neptune technology has saved the lives of millions of fish and corals, making them the #1 choice for controlling and monitoring home and office aquariums and some of the most visited public and private aquariums in the world. 

EcoTech Marine: For nearly 25 years, the EcoTech team has set the industry standard for high-performance technology that enables saltwater and freshwater aquarists to create healthy ecosystems with their brands EcoTech Marine and AquaIllumination. With more than 200 products and 43 patents, EcoTech products are tested and endorsed by some of the most respected marine biologists in the world. EcoTech is currently beta launching products to revolutionize reptile and amphibian keeping, Leap Habitats.

“The founders of these brands started with a common passion for helping people experience the beauty, joy and health benefits of a thriving aquarium,” said Natalie Strahan, Chief Executive Officer of Aperture. “As we expand our vision and offering, this is the right time to create a new company that allows us to further enrich customers' lives through integrating exceptional technology, products, partnerships and helpful content.” Bringing these brands together allows Aperture to provide customer-centric solutions that cover the entire spectrum of their journey. Aperture’s engineers, content engine and marketplace unlock unique opportunities to bring the benefits of creating and maintaining ecosystems to more homes, offices, classrooms and aquariums around the world. To learn more, visit

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Aperture is a leading online retailer, manufacturer and distributor of products and solutions in over 50 countries through an integrated platform, which includes the industry's leading online marketplace for saltwater aquarists, world-class products for the success of saltwater, freshwater and reptile and amphibian ecosystems and habitats.

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